Think Twice Before Charging!

We have all been there, your phone battery is at 5%, and you’re in an airport, coffeeshop or other public space. You search for an outlet, but instead find a powered USB port. You figure this will charge the same way as a pronged outlet. Think twice!

While it’s true that public USB ports can help charge in a pinch (though often at much slower rates), it may also leave your device at risk of malicious malware. Hackers can infect USB ports with software that can infect your device as soon as you plug in. To help minimize the risk of your device being compromised, it is best to use a USB Data Blocker.

What are USB Data Blockers?

A USB data blocker is a device that plugs into the charging port on your phone, acting as a shield between the public charging station and your phone. USB data blockers restrict hackers from accessing your phone’s data.

Which USB Data Blocker is the Best?

There are many types of USB Data Blockers, all of which accomplish the same goal of protecting your device. Some use a stronger level of security, and so depending on the type of data on your device, we recommend researching and seeing which blocker your industry prefers and why.

If you have no specific needs, our recommendation is the 4th Gen Juice-Jack Defender. It is cheap, effective, comes in many colors, and is available on Amazon and from many other retailers