Tool Spotlight: Name Coach


Now that Clark University is on Canvas, all Clarkies have access to a great new tool that allows everyone to record the correct pronunciation of their name for colleagues, professors, and classmates: NameCoach!

What is NameCoach?

NameCoach is software built into Canvas that allows all members of the Clark community to record the pronunciation of their names. These recordings are then made available to professors, classmates, and colleagues within the same courses, so not only can you record your own name for others, but you can also listen and learn the correct pronunciations of people’s names in your class or department.

Margo ForemanWhy should I use NameCoach?

Margo Foreman, Clark’s Vice President and Chief Officer of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, strongly recommends all Clarkies to record their name in NameCoach to ensure all people on campus are respected. Vice President Foreman suggests,

“I encourage every student to utilize the NameCoach app to record their name. As a matter of pride and in order for others to respect the uniqueness of your name and its pronunciation, please slowly annunciate your name to help others discern how to appropriately articulate it. I suggest users break the pronunciation of their names down by syllable or phonetically then, repeat it fluidly but not fast.”

How do I record my name or listen to pronunciations?

Click here see step-by-step directions for recording your name and listening to the recordings of others.