December 2023

File Management 101

Person typing on laptop. Graphics of files and folders connecting to each other.

The end of the year is the perfect time to review, back up, and clean out files. Regularly performing file audits on your devices makes sure your information is organized and secure, which is ideal for productivity and peace of mind. ITS has put together some helpful suggestions on how to approach file management and review if you’re ready to enter the new year with a digital refresh.

Click here to view file organization tips from The New York Times 

To learn more about the science and practice of file management, check out this literature review from the Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology 

Start with the Downloads section of your computer.

ITS recommends going through the Downloads section on your computer first, which often contains duplicate files or installation files you do not need. Delete these files or move them to a separate location on your computer, such as Documents, Desktop, or OneDrive. 

Sort files by last date modified

Once you’ve gone through your Downloads, you can move on to reviewing the files in other locations on your computer. Within locations such as your Desktop and within any folder(s) you use to organize your files, you can sort contents based on when they were last modified, meaning the last time you opened or made changes to the document(s). Typically, the older the file, the more likely it is you don’t need it anymore. Please use your best judgement regarding the importance of the file and its relevance to your career (for example: a shopping list from 2018 probably needs to be deleted, but your performance review from the same year should be kept).  

Create a “To File” folder

Reviewing files can be time-consuming and many of us tend to put it off due to busy schedules. A “To File” folder stores all your unorganized files or folders in one place, so you can go through this list at your own pace. For example, you could dedicate 10 minutes a day to moving files from this folder into their proper place or commit to filing 3 items a day. These small increments will make the task less overwhelming and make sure your files are properly organized.  

Back up your files

Accidents happen and computers don’t live forever. To make sure your files are preserved, you should regularly back up your files to a location that exists outside of your computer. There are two primary methods for backing up: to an external, physical drive and to the cloud. There are benefits to each method: see the tables below for more information so you can make the best decision for your situation. 


Backing up to the Cloud (OneDrive) 

Automatic back up and syncing so your files are always up to date  Need an internet connection to sync and back up effectively 
5 TB of OneDrive storage included in your Clark account  Syncing can be time consuming 
Secure and accessible from any internet-connected device  Will need to move files out of Clark OneDrive if leaving the university 
Better protected from destruction or theft.  Files can be compromised if someone accesses your Clark account unauthorized. Make sure to protect your password!  


Backing up to External Drive 

Complete control over back-up frequency  Does not automatically update files, but captures a “snapshot” of their state at a current date/time, so information loss is still possible depending on frequency of back up 
No need for internet connection  Need to manually copy or move files into external drive location 
File moving/copying is typically faster  Certain failures (like destruction or theft) could impact both the computer and the backup drive 
  Less secure and easier to lose 


ITS recommendation: Back up to OneDrive for everyday assurance, and complete back-ups to external drives on a semi-regular basis.  

If you have questions about backing up files or about OneDrive, please contact the Help Desk.  

Tool Spotlight: Adobe Express

Looking for an intuitive, powerful, and creative tool to help you create flyers, infographics, or social media posts? Check out Adobe Express, a web-based app included in Adobe Creative Cloud and available to all faculty and staff.  

Adobe Express has thousands of templates for presentations, videos, stationery, learning aids, business cards, webpages, and more. The app allows you complete control over every aspect of your design and even includes new AI tools to edit or create graphics and text effects.  

AI generated cartoon image of students wearing red walking across a college campus in the wintertime

Image created in Adobe Express using AI

Click here to check out the university’s style guides, including logo usage and approved color schemes 

How should I use Adobe Express?

  • Plan social media posts for your club, department, or event 
  • Provide learning aids like short videos, timelines, or graphic organizers in your Canvas course  
  • Demonstrate your learning with an infographic or brochure 
  • Level up your LinkedIn posts with eye-catching visuals 
  • Play around with your presentations 

How do I access Adobe Express?

For Faculty/Staff: 

  • In your internet browser, go to  
  • Sign in with your Clark email and Clark password 
  • Start creating! 

Where can I learn more?

Click here to view and save a LinkedIn Learning course on Adobe Express 

Activate your LinkedIn Learning account by clicking here 

Keep an eye on the ITS Events page for workshop in Spring 2024! 

CUWeb is Getting an Upgrade!

Screenshot of updated CU Web langing page

Working together, The Office of the Registrar, Human Resources, Payroll and ITS are excited to launch an updated version of CU Web early in the spring semester. CUWeb—which can be accessed anytime through the ClarkYOU portal—is the internal website that hosts important information for all members of the Clark community, such as class registration, advising information, personal information, timesheets, leave reports and other HR and Payroll administrative forms.  

Why is Clark making this change?

We want to provide an easier, more modern and more comprehensive experience in CUWeb so you can spend less time clicking and more time doing what you do best: learning, teaching, and working. Support for our current version of CU Web will soon be discontinued, so Clark is proactively making this change.  

What will be different?

CUWeb will look different, but the functionality will mostly remain the same. However, the upgraded version will provide students, faculty, and staff more useful information. For example, all Clarkies will be able to update their chosen name and pronouns in CUWeb, and faculty members will be able to view more information about their advisees, including their current courses and other advisors in one easy-to-use profile.When is this happening? 

The updated version of CUWeb will be available at the end of January 2024 for all Clarkies. 

What if I need help?

The Office of the Registrar and ITS will be releasing more information, including video guides and workshops, in the spring semester prior to the updated version’s launch so everyone feels confident and comfortable navigating the new CUWeb.  

If you have any questions about this exciting change, please email the Help Desk and ITS will work to get your question to the correct department. 


Tech Recs for Winter Break

As you rest and recuperate over winter break, you can also use technology to connect with family and friends and let out some laughs! 

If you’re looking for a cheesy holiday romance movie…

one man and one woman sitting on a bench, smiling at each other in a winter landscape.

Stream Something Blue on Amazon Prime, a feel-good movie featuring ugly sweaters, seasonal baked goods, and a classic jewelry mix-up. 

Recommended by Tess Walsh, Clark’s technology training specialist 

If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to bring people together… 

Cartoon people playing a game with a phone

Download Heads Up! On Google Play or the App Store ($1.99). This app turns any gathering into a game of charades or karaoke, with different categories and packs to keep the fun going. The game is also available in 15 languages on Netflix without any additional cost to your subscription. 

Click here to read more about Heads Up! On Netflix 

Recommended by Jarrod Evans, Help Desk Technician 

If you want to feel festive with loved ones living far away… 

Screenshot of Jackbox game asking players the worst theme for a pinball game

Host a virtual party with Jackbox Games. Everyone can join using their phones or laptops, no matter their location, and most games have a family-friendly setting so the little ones can get in on the fun.

Click here to explore Jackbox Games

Recommended by Joanne Dolan, Director of Client and Academic Support Services 

If you need to catch up with family and friends… 

Cartoon cat lounging underneath title

Host a PowerPoint night. Popularized on TikTok, PowerPoint nights ask everyone to create presentations on life updates OR any random topic they feel strongly about (examples: what kinds of dogs all my friends would be, ice cream flavors ranked best to worst, Taylor Swift lyric analysis, gifts I would give historical figures). You can find templates online, including on Microsoft, to make your presentation pop and let your imagination run wild! 

Click here to browse PowerPoint templates on Microsoft 

Recommended by Juveriah, Help Desk Student 


Get to Know Us: Thais Santos

Thais Santos, Clark's Junior Endpoint Administrator, at her college graduation wearing cap and gown

This month, we learn more about Thais Santos, Junior Endpoint Administrator. 

Born and raised in Massachusetts by Brazilian-born parents, Thais joined ITS’s Endpoint team in August after graduating from Framingham State University. As Junior Endpoint Administrator, Thais ensures certain settings and software are in place on Clark devices before they are used. Her favorite part of working in ITS is the ability to see different aspects of the technology world mesh and interact with one another, although her perfect day would be spent at the beach with her family and boyfriend rather than in Carlson Hall. Outside of work, Thais loves to watch football, play volleyball, and dreams of being fluent in any language she can hear. If you’d like to learn more about Thais’s position or suggest language-learning tips, click here to contact her!