Teaching with Technology – Fall 2023

ITS is excited to support your teaching during Fall 2023 and have included a range of services below.

If you have any additional questions, concerns or suggestions, we recommend contacting the Help Desk (helpdesk@clarku.edu) so that we can direct your request to the most appropriate department for the quickest response.

Table of Contents

Classroom Technology

ITS managed classrooms have a range of technology available to support teaching and learning. All classrooms have standard technology including a desktop computer, a projector, and the ability to connect a laptop.

Additionally many classrooms have additional technology including:

    • Smart Monitors that allow you to display and write on a virtual projected whiteboard and annotate displayed files.
    • Cameras to support remote participants on Zoom (either table-mounted OWL cameras, or wall-mounted cameras with microphone arrays)
    • Screen Share technology from Solstice to allow wireless presenting from faculty or student tablets, phones or laptops

Other Technology

We know that faculty have different needs for teaching. We have available a stock of other technology for short and long-term loans where appropriate, including video & web cameras, document cameras, tablets and much more. Please email the Help Desk for more information.

Student Access to Software

Software on Campus

ITS maintains a wide range of software across campus for student use – in classroom locations, and in lab environments.

Software on Personal Devices

Students are able to download and install many useful software applications on their personal devices – including Microsoft Office, Sophos Antivirus and much more..


Students with a Chromebook, or Apple-users who need access to Windows-only applications, may be able to access some software via our VLabs service. VLabs is an application streaming service that offers you the ability to connect to a desktop environment and stream certain software from your browser, regardless of your operating system or device specifications.

Other Software

If you’re planning on using a software that is not listed on the webpages above during this academic year (and particularly during the Fall semester), please contact us at helpdesk@clarku.edu as soon as possible so that we can discuss your request.


Communicating openly and regularly can help minimize an inbox onslaught of one-off questions.

Clark Announcements/Mail

The easiest way to communicate with your class is to use the Announcements forum or Mail in your Canvas course. Faculty and TAs can create a post to an announcement forum, and students will receive the message as an email to their Clark University email address.

ClarkYou Roster

Your class roster in ClarkYou will also give you the option to email all (or select) currently enrolled students in your course.


Clark University uses Canvas as a Learning Management System.

Click here to access Canvas, or use the link in the ClarkYou portal.

More Canvas Support


All Clark community members have fully licensed accounts (previously called Pro accounts), which allow meetings for up to 24 hours, with up to 300 participants.

Click here for more information on Zoom including how to log in with your Clark account, best practice recommendations, and how to access support.


If you’re planning on pre-recording your lectures or having your students record presentations, we recommend considering Panopto, Clark’s internal video streaming service. It allows you or your students to upload or record videos, voice-over Powerpoints, or podcasts.

If you use movies/documentaries as a teaching tool, our digitization service can often make these available to your students in Panopto. This will allow your students to watch material before class discussions, while writing analyses, or when studying for exams. We ask that you first search the library to see if the movie is available through the media databases (click here to search through Kanopy and Academic Video Online). If your media isn’t available through those services, click below for more information on our digitatization service.


Academic Technology staff members Don, Bhagya, and Dorothy, will be available all semester to support you with any pedagogical or technology needs. Click here to learn more about ATS consultations.

For any other technical questions for you or your students, the Help Desk is open daily, including weekends, and late nights. Click here to contact the Help Desk.