MFA and Travel

You have your passport, you have your bags packed, and you’re excited to get going. But wait! If you plan on connecting to your Clark account when travelling, preparing your MFA in advance can make your trip much easier.

When travelling or otherwise, ITS recommends using the Microsoft Authenticator app as your primary MFA factor. This app can be installed on multiple devices, and will allow you to authenticate into your Clark account from anywhere your devices can connect to the internet – regardless of cell service or phone number.

1. Setting Authenticator as Default

Before boarding the plane or hitting the road, be sure that Microsoft Authenticator is your primary MFA factor. This means that Microsoft will use the Authenticator (that can connect via internet) rather than a text that requires a specific phone number

Click here and log in if prompted. Ensure that your Default Sign In Method is Microsoft Authenticator.

If Microsoft Authenticator is not your default sign-in method, look below at the list of factors.

  • If Microsoft Authenticator is not listed on the list
    • Click Add sign-in method
    • Choose Authenticator App
    • Click Add, and follow the prompts
    • When complete, check that Authenticator is listed as your default sign-in method again.
      • If not, follow the instructions below.
  • If Microsoft Authenticator is listed with a device that you recognize:
    • Click the Change link to the right of the Default Sign-in method
    • From the drop-down that appears, choose Microsoft Authenticator – notification
    • Choose Confirm

2. Installing Authenticator on Another Device

Now that Authenticator is your primary factor, you can install the app on multiple internet-connected devices to give you lots of flexibility when travelling. However, be sure to only install it on devices that you are the sole user of to prevent security issues.

Before beginning this process, be sure that the device with Authenticator set up as your primary factor in step 1 is connected to the internet.

  1. Download Microsoft Authenticator to your new device. Be sure that it’s published by Microsoft.·
  2. Launch the application
  3. Choose Work or School account
  4. Enter your Clark email address
  5. When prompted log in with your usual Clark credentials
  6. At this point, Microsoft will attempt to authenticate your login using your primary factor – the Authenticator app on your first device. Follow the prompts on your first device to authenticate your new device

From now, when authentication needs to happen, the Authenticator app on both devices (as long as connected to the internet) will prompt you to approve your login.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Help Desk at, 508-793-7745. Remember that we can support you more easily if you contact us before travelling.