Saying Goodbye to Summer (in Moodle)

Five Adirondack Deck Chair in the sunset

by Flickr user Lawrence Lazare (

To comply with copyright and Fair Use guidelines, student access to Summer 2019 Moodle courses will end on September 30th.

For students, this means that your Summer 19 courses will be hidden on September 30th and that course materials will no longer be accessible. So now is the time to make backups of any assignments or resources that you may need in the future. If you require access to a course beyond September 30th, your faculty member should let ATS know in order to make alternate arrangements.

Faculty access to Summer courses won’t change. However, if you have a student finishing an incomplete that will need continued access to one of your courses, you should reach out to your ATS liaison.(Click here to find the contact information of your departmental liaison.)