Get to Know Us: Mariclare Kanaley   

Mariclare KanaleyThis month, we say hello to Mariclare Kanaley, Clark’s Slate CRM Administrator.  

Mariclare joined Clark’s ITS team seven months ago and currently plays a vital role in supporting student success. Since Clark has different departments that coordinate student information and provide students with resources, Mariclare is implementing a platform to share this information across campus and make processes a little easier. As she explains, a student’s decision to attend Clark is just part of their college process; there are so many other decisions they need to make once they enroll, and making those choices clearer and easier is what Mariclare spends most of her day doing. 

Mariclare is passionate about helping students in all areas: currently, she’s finishing up a degree in counseling inspired by her time as a middle school teacher. When she’s not taking classes, Mariclare enjoys watching White Lotus on HBO and learning new languages—she currently speaks English and Spanish but hopes to add another romance language to her repertoire soon.  

If you love Slate, languages or going to the beach, Mariclare is happy to chat! Click here for contact information.