Get to Know Us: Andy Voelker

This month, we meet Andy Voelker, Network Engineer, who joined Clark over the Summer from North Carolina.

Andy is clearly passionate about networking, reminding us that while networking and IT infrastructure is often considered purely a business operation, it’s actually “connected to education, creativity and the passion of students”. In fact, mentoring student workers, and getting students excited about networking is one of his favorite parts of his job. While he modestly says that he tries not to bore people about his job, it’s clear that if you’re interested in learning more, Andy will be engaging and excited to chat to you.

Andy is a recent arrival in Massachusetts, and he and his family is excited to visit trails, restaurants and all New England has to offer. When not exploring Worcester and the area, Andy is an eager musician who plays guitars, drums and bass.

Interested in chatting with Andy about music, networking or post-apocalyptic dystopian sci-fi? Click here for contact information.