Quick ITS Updates

Paper reading "Updates" in a yellow envelope. The image also shows part of a keyboard and a black pen.

ITS works hard to bring important updates and information to campus. Keep reading to learn about the latest and how you can use it! 

NameCoach in Outlook 

Over the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed the new NameCoach feature in your Outlook application or in Outlook Online. The NameCoach plugin allows you to listen to the pronunciation of email senders and recipients – either their own recording if they’ve submitted it to NameCoach, or from a library of other users with the same name. Click here for instructions on how to find and use this new feature. 

New Teams Launch Coming Soon 

Earlier this year Microsoft launched “New Teams” for Schools and Businesses, a version of teams that is faster, more intuitive and has additional features. ITS has been reviewing this new product and are excited to launch it on campus in the coming months. Click here to learn more about New Teams.  

Spooky Surveys: Qualtrics & Microsoft Forms Workshop 

Join Tess Walsh, Clark’s technology training specialist, on October 26 at 9:30 AM in Jonas Clark 217 to learn more about the survey software available at Clark University. Both Microsoft Forms and Qualtrics are powerful and useful tools, but they’re built for different purposes. Learn more about how to use each one to the best of their ability. Click here to learn more and register for the workshop.