How To: Select a Category

The category of your post is what determines where it will appear in ClarkYOU and also whether certain audiences will be able to see it.

1. Before submitting, select a category in the lower right hand corner of the page.  Posts CAN be crosslisted but in general this is unnecessary.  Use the guidelines below to determine which is the BEST category for your post.  And be aware that the editors may re-assign your post if they deem appropriate.

Choosing the Best Category

  1. If the post is for everyone on campus, use Campus News.
  2. If the post is only of interest for students, i.e. a note about registration time tickets, use Student News.
  3. If the post is purely for faculty or staff and should not be shared with the student population, use Faculty & Staff Notes.
  4. If the post contains information about some upcoming event of broad appeal for the Clark Community, use Upcoming Events.  However, please note that events and activities for students should be entered into L*IN*K which feeds the “Student Activities Calendar” channel in ClarkYOU.
  5. If the post contains an item that is being sold or given away, or some service for hire, use Marketplace.

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