How To: Make a New Post

Campus Digest uses a very straightforward editing tool to allow everyday users to enter nicely formatted text. After logging in, you’ll arrive at the Dashboard which will maintain a history of  your post activity.  Posts that are currently active will show here as well as posts that are expired.

1. Click the drop-down arrow next to Posts in the left sidebar and choose Add New.

2. Enter a title for your post.

3. Type your content into the main text container and style it as desired using bold, italics, numbering/bullets, text alignment, etc.  More tutorials are available on how to add images, links etc.

4. Make sure to choose a category for your post.

4. Click post for review.  This will trigger a note to the editor that there is a post waiting for approval.  Whether your post is approved or denied, you’ll receive a notification in your Clark email account.  Your post will appear in Campus Digest or Marketplace based on the date/time it was published by the editor (usually within 24 hours or 1 business day of your submission.)

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