Adam Institute Hosts Urban Teacher Education Consortium

The 7th annual meeting of the Urban Teacher Education Consortium, hosted by Clark’s Adam Institute for Urban Teaching and School Practice, will be held March 6-7 at Claremont Academy on Claremont Street and Jonas Clark Hall.

Along with the University of Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program, Mills College School of Education (Oakland, CA), and Long Island University (Brookline, NY), the Adam Institute helps coordinate a national consortium of urban teacher educators . The Consortium is dedicated to developing powerful urban teacher preparation programs through on-site investigations of practice, joint problem-solving, and research.

About 45 urban teacher educators will gather to learn firsthand and to discuss the work in school partnership and collaborative teacher education supported by the Institute. The Hiatt Center for Urban Education will also play a role as a collaborator with the Adam Institute in developing the school partnership as a knowledge-building community of practice and in starting cross-site research on urban teacher development.

For more information please contact Institute director Tom Del Prete at 508.793.7197 or