Valentine’s Day Green Tips

Hopeless romantics love it. Cynics despise it. No one can avoid it — Valentine’s Day is here! Whatever your feelings are about the holiday, take the opportunity to show appreciation for the one who loves you unconditionally: Mother Nature.

Taken from Green Share, follow these green Valentine’s Day tips and you’ll benefit more than just your special someone: you’ll be supporting healthy communities and a healthy planet. Now that’s heartwarming.

  1. Give Eco-Friendly Chocolate. Not only does the Rainforest Alliance certify chocolate that’s better for the environment, “shopping the frog” ensures that cocoa farmers have good living and working conditions. Find Rainforest Alliance Certificied chocolate and other goodies here.   The Arbor Day Foundation also sells a line of shade grown organic chocolates in their online shop
  2. Send an eCard. Love wildlife? Check out these free Valentine e-cards from Ocean Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund and Conservation International.
  3. Buy Local Flowers.  It beats buying imported flowers that have often been doused in pesticides. Check out Local Harvest to find a sustainable florist near you.
  4. Find a Date. Single and looking? A number of people have found their true love on Sierra Club Outings and public transportation. Visit Grist for some more ideas on where to find your green soul mate.
  5. Let Nature Inspire Your Valentines. Remember how much fun Valentine’s Day was as a kid? For some special V-day kid’s craft projects, check out these nature-inspired ideas from National Wildlife Federation.
  6. Recycle what you can. Lots of things we give and receive on Valentine’s Day are recyclable or compostable – cards, the boxes chocolates come in, etc. Do your part to eliminate unnecessary waste sent to the landfill.

For more tips and facts about sustainability, pleas visit Sustainable Clark’s website: