Former Clark Tech Director Lauren Kurki passed away May 22, at 57

Former Clark Professor Lauren Kurki died last Wednesday  (May 22) after a long illness. She was 57 years old. Lauren is survived by her long time partner Candy Martin and is remember fondly by countless Clark alums and faculty.

Lauren served as Technical Director at Clark from 1979 to 1994. She was a great professor and a mentor to hundreds of students. Lauren’s set designs were extraordinary and memorable. She took risks and created theatre environments that were breathtaking and unique. Lauren, along with Professor Ray Munro, was greatly instrumental in the rebirth and rebuilding of Clark’s theatre major.

Lauren was also a gifted painter, with her works being displayed in many galleries including The Fitchburg Art Museum, Worcester Artists Group, and The Boston Society of Impressionists. Her works are in private collections all over the U.S., France, and Mexico. 

For more than 15 years, Lauren was the backbone of Technical Theatre at Clark. She was a wonderful person and an important presence in the lives of many young people.  Lauren Kurki will be sorely missed and remembered with great love and affection.