Come Celebrate the English Department with Homecoming, October 20!

There are few things more emblematic of Clark’s English Department than our big, happy yellow home: Anderson House. Anderson house has been the home of the English Department for the past fifty years, and we want to celebrate it! From housing our professors’ many offices, two gorgeous classrooms perfect for discussions, and all of your favorite English Department events, Anderson house has served us well these past 50 years.

As we return to campus, we invite you all to our 50th Anniversary Homecoming. The event will feature great food with faculty, alumni and friends; (En)lightening talks by your favorite professors; and breakout sessions on our love of literature. This is a great opportunity for English majors and literature enthusiasts to get to know the Department, the faculty, our alumni, and our beloved Anderson House.
Please join us and start the year off right: October 20th from 12-5 p.m.: enjoy lunch from 12-1:30; faculty talks from 1:30-3; breakout sessions from 3-4; and coffee and dessert from 4-5.

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