Rose Wine: Winner of the Blog-Naming Contest!

Rose Wine ’20; is 19 years old and from Calaveras County (think of Mark Twain’s “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”) in northern California. She recently won our blog-naming contest with the title “The Next Chapter,” Rose was one of many contestants to enter, and we are so happy to present her winner’s interview!

Are you an English major, minor, Creative Writer minor? What else are you studying?

I am double majoring in English and International Development & Social Change (IDSC). I may also finish with a minor in Spanish. I love just about all subjects (except physics); I am constantly narrowing down or adding to my specific interests of studies, which varies from studying thinkers like Hegel and Foucault to analyzing 20th century American literature and magic realism. It’s funny because I once made a list my sophomore year high school titled, “Things I will Never Major in,” and there was one item on that list: English. I ended up falling in love with analyzing literature one year later, but, up until coming to Clark, I was planning to pursue a career as a professor in archaeology (no, not like Indiana Jones — if anything, I used to run around at five years old imagining I was Lara Croft). I switched paths and am very happy with my current studies.

What’s something you would like to see the English Department do with the new blog?

I am excited for the department’s new blog. I hope it harbors a space for students to learn more about our professors’ interests and passions (for example, any stories or papers that have impacted their lives). I would love to see the blog become well-known across campus and modeled by other departments eventually.

What’s something you like about the English Department?

I love the English department for its diversity and small size as well as its collaborative environment; it’s like a small family. One of my favorite opportunities offered by the department is the chance for undergraduate students to connect or work with the graduate students. The department is also active with its wonderful and regular community events, from holiday gatherings to wonderful colloquiums. Moreover, the professors are passionate about their studies and live by Clark’s motto. One thing I think most Clarkies do not realize is just how much the English department impacts Clark–key programs focusing on diversity and intellectual exploration? English professors LEAD those programs. Students who love creative writing but never thought to major in English? The department offers the creative writing minor and/or opportunities share your writing in the form of contests and ClarkWrites. (I am probably forgetting all the other subtle ways the department and its faculty/staff build the foundation of Clark). I could go on about how much I love the department and their efforts.

What’s something you think could be improved in the English Department?

I would love for the department to offer more courses, but, at the same time, the department already offers pretty great courses. Plus, each course seems ‘special’ to the professor teaching it–and if the course was not something the professors have taught in the past, the professors make the courses unique.

Do you have any weird talents or facts about yourself?

Fun fact: I have a selfie with Serena Williams from 7th grade.  Another fun fact/weird talent: When camping or kayaking, both of which I have been doing about every year of my life since I was born, my dad and I like to swim to the bottom of lakes and find people’s ‘treasures’ (items they dropped or left behind). I have found all sorts of things from a wedding ring, to a cot (which we reassembled underwater), to a Pepsi Can from the 60s, to boulders with various holes once used for grinding.

What do you like to do outside of classes?

Outside of class, I am pursuing my various passions: I am a professional photographer for portraits, family photos, weddings, and events (see more at Every Saturday, I am an English Language Learner’s Teacher for high school-aged refugees through African Community Education. At Clark, I am a consultant for the ITS Help Desk and a Resident Adviser. I fulfill various leadership roles for clubs, especially InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I also spend a lot of time volunteering for my church in Worcester. I feel guilty because I probably have briefly forgotten who else I dedicate my time to during the week. Surprisingly, I seem to have quite a bit of free-time for myself—I recently realized that I watch way too much television.