Expert Sources at Clark

Following is a selection, by topic, of Clark University faculty and administrators – leading experts in their fields—who serve as experienced and articulate resources on timely topics for journalists in several media.

Contact the office of Media Relations, at 508.793.7554; or 7635, for more information or for help finding and connecting with Clark experts. We also will work to locate relevant student sources. A complete  faculty directory also is available.


Elections – districting, race, reform

 James Gomes, director, Mosakowski Institute – districting issues, legislative policy, Massachusetts politics, etc. Recent: “Politics in the Age of Obama” White House Chronicle 2/15/2010

– Political scientist Ravi Perry – Recent:  How Arizona’s anti-brown laws affect all Americans Orlando Sentinel 6/01/2010

– Political scientist Robert Boatright – Recent: “Will 2010 be the year of the primary challenge?” Washington Post 5/19/2010

Emerging adulthood; adolescence Jeffrey Arnett – originator of the theory of emerging adulthood (on development from age 18-29); media uses in adolescence; responses to cigarette advertising.
Recent:  What Is It About 20-Somethings? (New York Times 8/22/2010); When do you become a grown-up?(Today Show 8/24/2010)

Wildfires – Assistant professor of Geography Dominik Kulakowski, Ph.D. – Recent: What now? Debate over beetle-kill pine burns as bugs move to Front Range Boulder Weekly 4/29/2010

Unions, labor/management issuesGary Chaison, author of “Unions in America”  – Recent:  The UAW fights for survival, Public Radio International – 6/17/2010; Who’s the Boss? – The Atlantic 6/17/2010

Chinese workers – Sociologist Robert J.S. Ross, author of “Slaves to Fashion: poverty and abuse in the new sweatshops”

Turkey and the Armenian Genocide – Historian Taner Akçam “fighting passionately against the official narrative of 1915” –  in  Today’s Zaman (Turkey) 3/19/2010; the Chronicle of Higher Ed 3/28/2009 “a Turk Who Will Bring Scholars of the Armenian Genocide Together”; The Bob Edwards Show -Sirius XM Satellite Radio 4/23/2010

Other Topics:


Abbie Goldberg – Gay/lesbian parenting; adoption; the transition to parenthood; work-family issues; family diversity; gender
Author: “Lesbian and gay parents and their children: Research on the family life cycle.”
Recent coverage: The Way We Live Now – What Gay Parenting Teaches Us All (New York Times Magazine 11/08/2009)


James Córdova – director, Center for Couples and Family Research
Author: “The Marriage Checkup”
Recent coverage: CNN Newsroom with Fredricka Whitfield 07/10/2010

Deborah Merrill
Author: “Mothers- and Daughters-In-Law”
Recent coverage: The Daughter-in-Law Rules ( 08/31/2009)


Michael Addis – Director, Men’s Well Being Research Group
Author: “Overcoming Depression One Step at a Time: The New Behavioral Activation Approach to Getting Your Life Back.”
Recent coverage: Men Suffer in Silence (Staten Island Advance (NY) 12/15/2009)


Denise Hines – men who sustain partner violence from their female partners; stalking and cyberstalking
Recent coverage: The Violence We Ignore (National Public Radio 07/20/2009)


J. Ronald Eastman – geographic information systems, remote sensing, and cartography; director Clark Labs; Earth Modeling blog
Recent coverage: Charting the earth’s health (Boston Globe 12/2007)

Karen Frey – permafrost thaw on river biogeochemistry; impacts of sea ice variability; co-PI of The Polaris Project, and NASA ICESCAPE mission
Recent coverage: NOVA: On Thin Ice in the Bering Sea (WGBH TV)

Jennie Stephens – technologies and policies for carbon management, energy technology innovation, CO2 capture and storage, renewable energy, universities as change agents for sustainability
Recent coverage: Loving the Earth: Locals heading to Denmark for climate conference (Worcester telegram 12/4/2009)

Colin Polsky – suburban land use; smart growth; processes of urban growth and natural hazard mitigation in New England; Geographic Information Systems, spatial statistics, and exploratory mapping and analysis tools
Recent coverage: Clark University receives $1.4 million grant for coastal zone research


Debórah Dwork – Holocaust and genocide history, education, refugees, asylum; Director, Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Recent coverage: Mass. Ph.D. program explores genocide psychology
Associated Press 05/15/2010; Church’s misguided honor (Philadelphia Inquirer, commentary 1/05/2010); Surge in Economic Refugees Will Test Community Resources (Huffington Post 4/5/2009)

Taner Akçam – Turkish nationalism and the Armenian Genocide
Recent coverage: Akcam speaks to hundreds of students at La Salle University (Armenian Weekly 11/3/2009)


David Hibbett – evolutionary biology/ecology of mushroom-forming fungi and relatives; uses of phylogenetic trees for studying the evolution of morphological and ecological characters
Recent coverage:  ‘Death Angel’ Mushrooms Poison Mother, Son
WCVB TV CH5 Boston 10/20/2009


Arshad Kudrolli -a broad range of non-equilibrium phenomena, granular materials, and biological physics.
Recent coverage: What Holds the World Together? The Cheerios Effect (Fox News 9/10/2010)

Charles Agosta – is a low temperature experimentalist who is interested in lower dimensional materials in very high magnetic fields. He and his students have developed a pulsed magnetic field laboratory where experiments are performed in the highest magnetic fields available at any university in the United States. Agosta, as CEO of MachFlow Energy Inc., recently received a grant of $1 million from the Department of Energy.
Recent coverage: Clark business gets $1M stimulus (Worcester Telegram 8/31/2010)