All Banner 9 Modules Are Now Live

ITS has finished implementing version 9 of Banner, the system that Clark uses for keeping student records, financial information, employment information, financial aid information, and more.

Banner 9 will impact everyone on campus…eventually. The upgrade has been staged in multiple parts so it will impact different people at different times. ITS will keep you up to date on when changes are happening and how they impact you. Today’s stage of the upgrade specifically addresses the users of the Banner 9 Admin Pages (formerly Banner INB).

Who is Impacted by Today’s Changes?

Today’s changes will only impact those who use Banner administrative forms (formerly Banner INB) to support the mission of the University.  Students and faculty who only interact with Banner through CUWeb (SSB) will not be impacted at this time.

What’s New Today

  • If you login to Banner to use INB/administrative forms, you will see a new landing/login page. You can link to it here.
  • All modules will only be available via Banner 9.
  • When you login to Banner 9 you will use your “regular” Clark credentials (email address) rather than a username/password that is specific to Banner.

What’s Staying the Same (for now)

  • CUWeb (Banner Self-Service) will remain the same for now.

What’s coming next (and when)?

  • Planning for the transition of CUWeb will begin in 2019.

For more information about Banner 9, please see…..