Banner 9 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know whether the form I use is in Banner 8 or Banner 9?

As of April 16th, 2018, the Student, Accounts Receivable, and General modules are now available in Banner 9.  Human Resources, Payroll and Position control will transition to Banner 9 at the end of April.  The Finance, Financial Aid, and BDM/Xtender modules will transition to Banner 9 in September.  As each module is available in Banner 9, it will no longer be available in Banner 8.

You can find a list of which modules are currently available in which version of Banner in the links table on the Banner and Administrative Systems landing page.  All Banner pages in a particular module can be identified by the first letter of their title.

ModulePages Start WithExample Pages
Accounts ReceivableTTSAAREV, TGIACCD
Human Resources/ Payroll/ Position ControlN, PPEAEMPL, NBAJOBS, NBAPOSN

Please note that Job Submission is processed through the Process Submission Controls form (GJAPCTL).  That means Job Submission is a General form, so all jobs, regardless of the first letter of their title, are now in Banner 9.

Which browser should I use for Banner 9?

Please see browser recommendations for Banner 8 and Banner 9 on the links table on the Banner and Administrative Systems landing page. 


Which username and password do I use?

Banner 8 continues to use your dedicated Banner specific username/password.  Banner 9 uses your “regular” Clark credentials.


I missed the navigation training sessions.  What is different about Banner 9?

Please view the following video: Getting Started with Banner 9: An Overview of the User Interface and Keyboard Shortcuts


I received an error in Banner 9 and don’t know what it means.  What should I do?

Many users have tested Banner 9.  However, it is a new system and the occasional error is not unexpected.  Please send a description of the error including a screenshot to or via the Web Help Desk Online Request System.  Then exit Banner 9 using the Sign Out link in the top right of the page and login again.


Where can I find the list of Banner 9 keyboard shortcuts?

A document listing keyboard shortcuts for both Banner 8 and Banner 9 is available for download here.


I still use Oracle Discoverer.  What will change for me?

Oracle Discoverer will still be available until we have converted to Argos.  A link to Discoverer will now be available on the links page.  Oracle Discoverer will continue to use your Banner, not your Clark, password.


What if my Banner password expires?

If you are still using Banner 8 or Oracle Discoverer, you will still be able to change your Banner password inside either Banner 8 or Banner 9.  You can access the change password functionality by going to the GUAPSWD form.


What do the different colors in Banner 9 mean?

The PROD instance of Banner 9 will now have a Clark Red theme to help identify it as the production database.  The other instances (TEST, WEEK, PPRD, FYXX) will be different colors.