MBA Student Profile: A Full-Time Mom Takes On a Full-Time MBA Program

Juggling the work of a full-time MBA program, along with an internship, a faculty assistantship, and the responsibilities of motherhood, is a huge undertaking. Clark University graduate student Dhvani Badwaik tries to keep it simple. “It’s all about time management,” quips the focused mother of two boys. “But I also don’t sleep enough!” she adds.

dhvani-badwaikDhvani’s passions for learning and self-reinvention drive her as a second-year MBA student in the Graduate School of Management (GSOM) at Clark University. Born in Massachusetts to parents who came to the United States themselves as graduate students from India, Dhvani believes it is never too late to learn.  After working for more than a decade working in product development and documentation project management roles in the high-tech industry, Dhvani wanted to move out of her comfort zone and test the unknown waters of graduate school. She returned to school with the goal of earning her MBA to hopefully land a position in higher education.

In addition to her current courses in leadership and operations management, Dhvani is assisting professors David Tang and Sitikantha Parida on a research project related to socially responsible investing, a financial topic she initially knew little about. She also finds time to work as a teaching assistant for Professor Keith Coulter, providing support for his graduate Marketing Management course.

As if her schedule wasn’t busy enough, Dhvani interned two days a week last semester at the Boston Regional Office for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, as part of their Honors Business Program for graduate students. In the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations, the department responsible for protecting investors and preventing fraud, among other things, Dhvani worked with experts from all areas of business, finance, and law.

“At the SEC you get to work with accountants, economists, MBAs, and lawyers on a single team. Working with such talented people has given me valuable knowledge and allows me to see the corporate world from an entirely new perspective. My favorite part has been going on actual exams in the field…that was incredible,” shares Dhvani.

Dhvani credits the faculty at Clark for providing her with the opportunities to pursue her specific interests. “I don’t think I would have received the same learning opportunities and level of encouragement elsewhere,” she states. “The professors at Clark set the school apart from others. They genuinely care about the students’ interests and are willing to spend time on their academic and professional development. I’m very happy with my decision to choose Clark for my MBA.”

Dhvani’s passion for learning has now taken her down a path toward a PhD in a business-related field. She is currently applying to a few programs and eagerly awaiting acceptances. While her career outlook has evolved and might be a bit uncertain at the moment, she is confident that the skills she has acquired from business management coursework will help her become a more effective, socially responsible leader, no matter what industry she lands in.


~ Submitted by GSOM Student, Namisha Bhattarai, MS in Accounting ’18