Merging Business and Environmental Interests into the Perfect Graduate Program

Student headshot-John RichardJohn Marshall Richards has always had a sense as to what fields he’d like to work in after graduating college. His only question upon finishing his bachelor’s degree at Dickinson College was finding a graduate school that paired his two—seemingly very different—passions: business and environmental sustainability. He found both, and more, at Clark University Graduate School of Management (GSOM). When he realized he could not only earn an MBA, but also earn an MS in Environmental Science and Policy as one of GSOM’s dual degree programs with Clark’s International Development, Community, and Environment department, John knew he had found the perfect fit.

“GSOM has a great set of courses which focus on sustainability – something not many business schools have,” John began. He noted that Clark’s location is also beneficial to anyone interested in how the two fields overlap, calling New England a very progressive part of the country with regards to environmental and sustainability issues. “The opportunities for careers in business and environment in Massachusetts and New England are only rivaled by those on the west coast.”

John has enjoyed the courses he’s taken at Clark, noting especially his Sustainable Consumption and Production course last spring. He studied how consumption and debt are built into the economy, while examining whether greater efficiencies and technological gains could help create a sustainable society and economy.

John credited his professors with helping him grow and expand his outlook on responsible management and sustainable practices.

“GSOM has some great professors who I have been able to meet with to ask for advice and guidance, not just take courses from,” he stated. “Having a low faculty to student ratio was another positive I saw in attending Clark. The faculty here are very accessible.”

Last summer, John interned at a local company called Energy Federation Inc. He worked with the organization to help develop a sustainability plan for their business. (As of this writing, company executives are still determining how to best move the plan forward to implementation.) Fittingly, his supervisor was also a Clark graduate.

“I would advise anyone who wants to pursue a career at the intersection of business and the environment to attend Clark,” John added. “Plus, it has an extremely diverse student body which allows you to create a global alumni network for the future.”

John Marshall Richards, MBA/MS ‘17
Hometown: Vienna, Virginia
Degree: Dual – MBA / MS in Environmental Science and Policy (ES&P)