American Airlines Visit Part of Busy Career Services Semester

A representative from American Airlines speaks to the graduate student audience.With GSOM’s Career Services staff geared up for a busy first semester of workshops and events for students, the department kicked off the fall season with a visit from American Airlines (AA). Second-year MBA and finance students were invited to a luncheon, where AA’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Rob Daugherty, presented and informally met with students.

“This event was excellent,” began Peter Bennett, GSOM’s director of career services and external relations. “The Career Services staff all worked very hard to make it a success and as a result, students had a very positive experience.  They were very excited to be in front of an American Airlines’ recruiter.”

On campus to recruit for two positions in finance and marketing, Daugherty first presented on the current state of American Airlines, as well as its mission and corporate makeup. He then detailed the typical MBA career path for newly hired graduates, while extolling the Dallas location of AA’s headquarters.

Graduate students listen to the American Airlines RepresentativeDaugherty especially encouraged all of the students to keep an open mind as to which area of a company they might work; at American, MBA and Finance job opportunities can span nearly all major departments. He shared the example of a current senior vice president who started as a financial analyst, moved to a marketing department, and then ultimately into strategic planning for American.

The 35 students in attendance had the opportunity to ask questions and speak with Daugherty during lunch, having provided their resumes to Career Services in advance. Upon his return to Dallas, Rob and his team will review the resumes and decide who they would like to interview.

“Rob was certainly impressed by the caliber of our MBA’s and finance students,” Bennett added, noting that Daugherty’s only other Massachusetts business school stops were at MIT and Harvard. “We are looking forward to more corporate recruiting visits that broaden opportunities for our students.”