Jenkins Macedo (IDSC 2012/ES&P 2014) Advancing to Second Stage for U.S. Graduate Students Fulbright Fellowship

74d7aeb6a8e2d7c665b201e096a9f2b5-2Congratulations to Jenkins Macedo, IDSC’12/ES&P 2014 whose proposed research to Clark University’s Fulbright Selection Committee was unanimously endorsed to advance to the second stage of the U.S. Graduate Students Fulbright Fellowship 2014-2015!

Macedo’s research seeks to investigate methods used to enhance soil nutrient status and water productivity among smallholder farmers in the Greater Mekong Sub-region in Laos. Combining the advantages of field-based geographic methods with narratives of ethnographic approach, his research will involve personal observations, on-farm discussions, surveys administration, soil samplings, and analyses through on-farm demonstrations and replications to determine soil organic matter content, carbon cation exchange, the effects of soil temperature and conductivity on crop growth and development, soil pH levels, micro and macra-nutrients status, and soil water holding capacity. The hypothesis that will be tested is that regenerative amendments of soil nutrient status, such as composting, green manuring, and biochar application correlates with soil nutrient and water enhancement.

We wish him the best of luck!

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