2021 Summer Professional Development Series

Building Your Student Engagement Toolkit 

Wednesdays, July 14 – August 11

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST

Student engagement is a crucial component of the teaching and learning experience across all course delivery formats/modalities.  Engaged students learn more and have improved focus and attention and could even have fun. The benefits are similarly felt by faculty. Links to recordings from our professional development series can be found below.

  1. Isn’t Everything Online Now?  Sifting for Gold in the Information Deluge Link to Video

Presenters: Andrew Haggarty, Instruction/Reference LibraryLaura Robinson, University Librarian, & Lawrence Bolduc, Access and Curricular Resources Librarian

While online searches have made finding resources so much easier (farewell, card catalog), a lack of filtering and barriers to access still remain.  In consequent, students could be left frustrated, discouraged, or disengaged from the learning experience.  In this presentation, we offer strategies and tools to support student learning and teaching outcomes through material selection and exploration.

Isn’t Everything Online Now Slides

2)      July 21: “Understanding Bias in the Classroom: Language, Microaggressions, and Social Justice” Link to Video

Presenter: Andrew Stewart, Associate Professor, Psychology

Whether we intend to or not, the impact of our actions in the classroom may impede academic performance and sense of belonging of minoritized students. In this session, we will examine how language communicates our biases and its impact as microaggressions using research from psychology. We will also explore how implicit and explicit biases affect our verbal and nonverbal behavior in different ways and how these biases adversely impact minoritized students, even if we do not intend to. The session also includes activities to examine our own biases and learn how to prevent them.

Understanding Bias in the Classroom Slides

3)      July 28: Keeping the Best Bits: Technology and Teaching after COVID Link to Video

Presenters: Joanne Dolan, Director, Academic Technology Services

The last year required all faculty to use technology more than ever before and in ways that they never imagined. This workshop talks about how to keep using technology to engage, assess and connect with students but this time, on your own terms.

Open Moodle course: https://moodle.clarku.edu/course/view.php?id=7451


4)      August 4: Evolution of the College Classroom: Strategic Integration of Experiential Learning Link to Video  

Presenter: Todd Bartlett, Director, Experiential Learning 

Join this session to learn how to bring your classroom to life.  Experiential learning can lead to improved engagement and greater satisfaction among students and drive a deeper connection with course content by integrating “real world” experiences. This session will provide you with tools and best practices that you can implement immediately to create an educational experience that students won’t forget.

Experiential Learning Slides

5)      Aug. 11: Running on Empty After the Pandemic:  Managing Our Own Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing in the Year Ahead  Link to Video

Presenter: Mēgan Kersting, Associate Dean & Director, Center for Counseling & Personal Growth 

Whether you are teaching students or working with them in a supportive capacity, our jobs here at Clark typically demand a lot out of us.  The COVID pandemic exacerbated our challenges and effectively pushed many of us to our brink, and our mental health and efforts to take care of ourselves were significantly challenged.  Thinking about the coming year, how are we going to move forward when we are feeling tired, burnt out, and anxious?  How can we approach this year with energy and motivation?  How about our students?  This webinar will examine the unique emotional challenges we faced during COVID. In addition, we will examine the stress response cycle and how to manage it.  By improving and sustaining our mental health and wellbeing, we are better poised to support and engage our students.

Staff Faculty Self-Care 2021 articles

Self-Care for Clark Faculty and Staff August 2021 Slides