January Bulletin: Distracted Students

Technology can support student learning. BUT when used improperly, technology such as smart phones and laptops can interfere with the teaching and learning process. Students may not understand how their attention and ability to retain information are affected by multi-tasking. Here are some resources you can use to increase students’ awareness about how technology may undermine their learning.


Below are resources related to teaching in the age of distracted learning

Flipd uses behavioral economics to encourage students to remain off their phones and pay attention in class . Flipd provides educators with data and tools they can use to take
send class messages, make more informed teaching decisions and ultimately improve student engagement in their learning.  There are costs associated with this app.



Listen to the ‘tea for teaching’ Attention Matters Podcast

86. Attention Matters

And review Dr. Michelle Miller’s Blackboard based module that faculty can incorporate into classes.

https://secure.onlinelearningconsortium.org/effective_practices/attention-matters- freestanding-module-teaching-about-attention-and-multitasking

For additional research and advice on dealing with digital distractions, read Dr. James Lang’sseries in The Chronicleof Higher Education on the Distracted Classroom. James Lang is from Assumption College; please let Laurie Ross know if you would have interest in bringing him to campus.