Tool Spotlight: Microsoft Forms

Have you ever wished that you could quickly collect information from your class, student group, department or others? If so, you’ve probably dabbled with Qualtrics, our survey tool. While Qualtrics is a sophisticated, market-leading survey tool, it can be a little complicated for basic information collection.

In cases where Qualtrics is ‘too much’, consider Microsoft Forms, available now to all staff, faculty and students. Forms allows you to quickly and easily create short online forms to collect information from groups, and offers common question types including multiple choice, short and long text entry and Likert-scale. Additionally, it is very easy to restrict participation to users with Clark credentials, and export responses as Excel files or as a graphical report.

Access Microsoft Forms by clicking here: or in your Microsoft 365 portal, by clicking the “Waffle icon” (9 dots) in the top left of your screen. If you don’t see Forms there, click All Apps.

Click here to access a Microsoft Forms Essentials Course in Linked in Learning (click here to learn more about LinkedIn Learning at Clark).