Get to Know Us: Melvin Vargas

Melvin Vargas and his beautiful ginger cat, PitoThis month, we meet Melvin Vargas, Endpoint Administrator. While Melvin only joined Clark about 6 months ago, he’ll be a familiar face to the students, staff and faculty in the Becker School of Design and Technology after joining the Clark team directly from Becker College after 15 years of service.

Prior to Clark and Becker, Melvin graduated from VOKE here in Worcester and has worked with telecommunications, hardware, networking and many other specializations in IT at various schools and colleges. While he’s modest about what he does, saying that he just “fixes computers”, Melvin knows that helping our clients can help make their day that much better.

When not tinkering with technology, Melvin spends time with his 2 beautiful daughters, plays Call of Duty and Forza Horizon, and laughs along with the FX show “What We Do In The Shadows”. Finally, we can’t finish this introduction without mentioning Pito, the beautiful cat in Melvin’s picture, who sadly died earlier this year at 20 years old. But supposedly Melvin’s new cat TJ is helping to fill his shoes!

Interested in requesting pictures of TJ from Melvin, or chatting about his favorite car to drive in Forza? Click here for contact information.