Get to Know Us: Lisa DeMings

This month, we meet Lisa DeMings, Director of Enterprise Applications who has slipped under the radar of this newsletter since she arrived in February 2017! Lisa and her team work closely with many departments across campus including Marketing and Communication, the Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid and many more.

While she plays down her work by saying that she “points and clicks and sometimes types”, Lisa’s real passion is data. She works to make data more accessible to the people and departments who need it.

My favorite term for it is “democratizing data”. It should be easy to get basic data – you shouldn’t have to understand super-complicated coding or be able to write code – you should be able to easily know anything you want about the data you’re responsible for managing.  Data should be an asset – it’s one of the reasons we implemented Clark Analytics so more people would be able to answer basic questions about Clark without needing a custom report built every time.

Before she arrived at Clark, Lisa went to art school for a BFA and continues to pursue her art in her free time. She worked originally in Admissions at her Alma Mater, the Maryland Institute, before the Director of ITS noticed her talent for report writing and data entry and offered her a job. From there, it’s been a data-driven life as she began to work with data regularly and manage software implementations, before we were lucky enough for her to join Clark.

When she’s not wrangling data, or working on her art, she enjoys Armsby Abbey, Candy Crush and reading the Outlander series. Interested in asking Lisa to solve your data problems? Click here for contact information.