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Get to Know Us: Andrew Duncklee

Andrew DunckleeThis month, we meet Andrew Duncklee, IT Security Engineer.

Andrew joined Clark in late 2021 and is at the forefront of our Information Security policies and processes, to help keep Clark’s data and systems secure. He particularly enjoys identifying how the multitude of ITS services work together and how security play an integral role in all of them.

Outside his work at Clark, Andrew is a Vermont native who enjoys maple sugaring, motorcycles and living with his family in nature. He also has quite the menagerie, with 12 chickens, two horses, one dog, one cat, and 5 children. When not juggling the care of his extended family, he enjoys Elder Scrolls, bourbon and making/fixing things around the house.

Interested in chatting with Andrew about information security, Marcus Aurelius, or Vermont? Click here for contact information.

ITS Gift Guide – 2022

It’s time for our annual ITS Gift Guide! As the gift-giving holidays approach, the ITS team have once again come together to share our nerdiness with the campus.

If you still have questions about your technology purchases after reading through our recommendations, give us a call! Click here to contact us.

Joe Kalinowski - Apple TV

Joe Kalinowski, CIO and VP for IT, has found that Apple TV has helped he and the family (mostly) cut the cord. After trying competitors such as Roku, Smart TVs and Google TV, he has found that Apple has the snappiest interface, and an easy to use remote. If you have an iPhone or iPad it’s also easy to stream content from the device to your TV.

While the wealth of streaming apps available (Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Discovery+, Paramount+, Peacock, and more) means that the hope of spending less on TV doesn’t seem to be a reality,  an Apple TV has proven to be a good device to bring all those services together. Click here for more information about Apple TV 4K.

Tess Walsh, Pixel Watch

Tess Walsh, Technology Trainer, is a die-hard Google Pixel fan when it comes to her phone. She’s excited to see if she gets a Pixel Watch this holiday season, as Pixel users finally have a quality smart-watch option. The Pixel watch has deep integrations with FitBit, YouTube and the full Google suite, a sleek round face and lots of watch strap options. Click here to learn more about the Pixel Watch.

Jason Trinklein Fossil Hybrid Watch

2022 is clearly the year of the watches, with Jason Trinklein, Director for Infrastructure, also excited about his new Fossil Hybrid Watch. It combines the classic elegance of a traditional analog watch with many of the features you’d find in a modern smart watch. The battery lasts for up to a month between charges, which is far more convenient than the nightly charging requirements of other smart watches.

Jason suggests that if you find that smart watches are more computer than watch, then this watch might be for you, with a low-distraction design paired with modern features including reminders, heart rate monitoring, exercise tracking, text message receiving, and many others. There’s a plethora of Fossil Hybrid models to choose from, so click here to see more options.

Mark Pemburn Wyze Cameras

We’ve highlighted Wi-Fi cameras in previous years, but their popularity continues to grow!

Mark Pemburn, our new Web Application Administrator, recommends the Wyze V3 Wi-Fi camera and shares that he uses it in his chicken coop. The coop has an automatic door that is supposed to close at night and open again in the morning. However last year he found that it can sometimes be unreliable so instead of having to go out every evening and morning to check, with a Wyze camera Mark can now spy from his phone. This works even in the dark, because the Wyze V3 has night vision. It’s also a nice calming break in the middle of the day to check in on the chickens, as the view from the coop above shows. Click here to see the Wyze V3 camera.

wanda rouillard hoverboard go-cart attachment

If the Hoverboards that you bought last year are gathering dust in the basement, a Go-Cart attachment could give it new life. Wanda Rouillard’s (ITS Operations Manager) grand-daughters, aged 7 and 9, loved these over the summer.

A hoverkart attachment is an addition to your hoverboard with one wheel, a seat, an undercarriage connecting the two, and two steering rods. You steer the hoverboard go-kart using the two rods on the side. If you understand the basics of hoverboard riding, it’ll be easy to pick up.

There are many brands out there, but Wanda and her family had luck with Pelliot – click here to see their offerings.

Alex Magid, Information Privacy and Compliance Analyst, is true to his title in again recommending security technology.

While we’ve all used USB ports in cafe’s, airports, and other public spaces, Alex reminds us to be cautious. Hackers often infect USB ports with malicious malware that infects your device as soon as you plug in. To help minimize the risk of your device being compromised, it is best to use a USB Data Blocker. A USB Data Blocker is a device that plugs into the charging port on your phone and acts as a shield between the public charging station’s port and your phone. USB data blockers restrict hackers from accessing your phone’s data.

There are so many types of USB Data Blockers, all of which accomplish the same goal of protecting your device. Some however utilize a stronger level of security, and this is why depending on the type of data on your device, it is always best to do your homework and see which industry prefers what type and why. Alex’s recommendation is the 4th Gen USB Data Blocker, Juice-Jack Defender. Click here to learn more.

Get to Know Us: Andy Voelker

This month, we meet Andy Voelker, Network Engineer, who joined Clark over the Summer from North Carolina.

Andy is clearly passionate about networking, reminding us that while networking and IT infrastructure is often considered purely a business operation, it’s actually “connected to education, creativity and the passion of students”. In fact, mentoring student workers, and getting students excited about networking is one of his favorite parts of his job. While he modestly says that he tries not to bore people about his job, it’s clear that if you’re interested in learning more, Andy will be engaging and excited to chat to you.

Andy is a recent arrival in Massachusetts, and he and his family is excited to visit trails, restaurants and all New England has to offer. When not exploring Worcester and the area, Andy is an eager musician who plays guitars, drums and bass.

Interested in chatting with Andy about music, networking or post-apocalyptic dystopian sci-fi? Click here for contact information.

Get to Know Us: Tess Walsh

This month, we’re happy to introduce Tess Walsh, our Technical Training Specialist. A member of the Help Desk team, Tess joined us over the summer and is eager to help Clark community members  learn more about technology and how it can make their lives easier! With a particular focus on the numerous tools in the Microsoft Office Suite, Tess gets most excited when she gets questions about OneDrive and really enjoys connecting with people from all across campus.

Tess pairs her love of technology with a passion for reading and writing, with a Masters in English from UMass Boston. She came to Clark after a time working in training and customer service at an educational technology startup but is very happy to be back on a college campus. Living in Westborough with her significant human other, and her significant cat other (a dramatic black cat called Panda), Tess enjoys reading, visiting the Queens Cups bakery for their cannoli cookies, and relaxing by the fire.

Tess is now available for one-on-one and group training sessions for staff in a range of software. Click here to learn more about this service and to book a session.

Get to Know Us: Lisa DeMings

This month, we meet Lisa DeMings, Director of Enterprise Applications who has slipped under the radar of this newsletter since she arrived in February 2017! Lisa and her team work closely with many departments across campus including Marketing and Communication, the Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid and many more.

While she plays down her work by saying that she “points and clicks and sometimes types”, Lisa’s real passion is data. She works to make data more accessible to the people and departments who need it.

My favorite term for it is “democratizing data”. It should be easy to get basic data – you shouldn’t have to understand super-complicated coding or be able to write code – you should be able to easily know anything you want about the data you’re responsible for managing.  Data should be an asset – it’s one of the reasons we implemented Clark Analytics so more people would be able to answer basic questions about Clark without needing a custom report built every time.

Before she arrived at Clark, Lisa went to art school for a BFA and continues to pursue her art in her free time. She worked originally in Admissions at her Alma Mater, the Maryland Institute, before the Director of ITS noticed her talent for report writing and data entry and offered her a job. From there, it’s been a data-driven life as she began to work with data regularly and manage software implementations, before we were lucky enough for her to join Clark.

When she’s not wrangling data, or working on her art, she enjoys Armsby Abbey, Candy Crush and reading the Outlander series. Interested in asking Lisa to solve your data problems? Click here for contact information.

Get to Know Us: Chris Naples

[Looking for Lisa Demings profile? Click here]

This month, we meet Chris Naples, Endpoint Administrator. Chris joined our growing Endpoint team in October 2021 and helps to prepare the computers that end up on your desk. As he says “the computer you receive when you first start your job doesn’t come ready to use out of the box”. Chris and his team helps set up and deploy your computer to be ready with the applications and other preferences you and Clark require.

Chris was born and raised in Central Massachusetts and prior to Clark, worked at Assumption University. He and his family (his wife and three young children) enjoy the beach, the mountains and theme parks – particularly Disney where they travel each winter. Chris is well known among ITS as having a green thumb, and loves growing (and trying to grow) exotic plants, fruits and vegetables. He also enjoys watching Disney’s new series The Book of Boba Fett, reading thrillers, or grilling with his family.

Interested in learning about how to work regular back-ups into your schedule (something Chris loves to talk about)? Click here for contact information.

ITS Gift Guide – 2021

It’s time for our annual ITS Gift Guide! As the gift-giving holidays approach, the ITS team have once again come together to share our nerdiness with the campus.

This year, similar to most of our community, we’re hopeful that we can spend the holidays with family and friends in ‘real-life’. As a result, we’re excited to highlight the techy, low-tech and even no-tech gadgets that we’ve bought this year or have on our holiday wish lists.

If you still have questions about your technology purchases after reading through our recommendations, give us a call! Click here to contact us.

Joe Kalinowski and Oculus Quest 2

Joe Kalinowski – CIO, VP for IT and our fearless leader – recently got an Oculus Quest 2, a virtual reality headset, and he and his family have been loving it. It’s been a great source of entertainment for those using it, and just as much for those watching. At its most basic, the headset is an Android cell phone with special glasses to allow for an immersive experience for the user.  Additionally, the visuals can be cast to other devices so that a larger group can watch along. One thing to make sure is that you have a large enough space to move around freely when using it.

Ben Gardner and That's Entertainment

This year, Ben Gardner, Business and Data Analyst, is excited to go no-tech instead of high-tech. Staying local, he’s planning to go on a shopping spree at That’s Entertainment, Worcester’s “Pop Culture Emporium” which sells comics, video games, card and board games, collectibles, and decorations. He has his eye on some new board games with the hopes to play in-person with family and friends. New to board games? Ben recommends Codenames, Spirit Island and Tsuro.

Dan Meyer and Solo Stove

Another low-tech item on the ITS wish list is the Solo Stove. Dan Meyer, Enterprise Systems Engineer, is eager to gather around his new Solo Yukon. Solo is one of a few companies now offering portable stainless-steel smoke-free fire pits for a cozy backyard experience. In addition to the award-winning pit, the company offers a range of accessories – from stands to allow you to use it on any surface, to smores kits, grill stands and color packs that change the color of the flames.

Wanda Rouillard and Kindle Kids

Wanda Rouillard, our Operations Manager, is always on the lookout for gifts to wow her two grand-daughters. This year, the Kindle Kids has been a hit with kids, parents and Wanda alike. Available with fun covers, the Kindle Kids comes with 1 year of Amazon Kids+ that allows unlimited access to thousands of kid-friendly books, movies, tv shows, educational apps and games, including the complete Harry Potter book series.

Jason Trinklein and Kasa Smart

Jason Trinklein, Director of Infrastructure, moved into a new home this year, and is excited to fully-embrace the smart-home concept. While there are many options for creating a networked home, Jason has been exploring the TP-Link’s Kasa Smart product line. Using your existing Wi-Fi network, Kasa provides smart switches, plugs, bulbs and cameras. While simple to use, Kasa also provides advanced options for those who like to dabble in APIs and services like IFTTT (If This Then That) all at very reasonable prices. As Jason said “At this price point, your imagination – rather than your wallet – is your only limit!”

Melvin Vargas and Framework

For those of our community excited to get their hands a little dirty with technology, Melvin Vargas, our Endpoint Administrator, is very interested in Framework. The company is built on the ethos that computers should be easier for you to build and fix, and therefore better for the environment. Instead of retiring a laptop because of a broken screen, dying battery, or old connector, Framework makes it easy to repair devices that are sleek, well-designed and customizable. Additionally, the company offers a robust support section to help you learn as you go.

Alex Magid and Tapplock Lite

True to his profession, Alex Magid, our Information Privacy and Compliance Analyst, is eager to get his hands on the Tapplock Lite. When using this smart padlock, there’s no need to remember numeric codes or find that teeny-tiny key. Instead you can use the finger print scanner, unlock it using the Tapplock app, or even set a Morse code combination. The lock can allow you to store up to 100 fingerprints and manage multiple users access via the app.

Get to Know Us: Melvin Vargas

Melvin Vargas and his beautiful ginger cat, PitoThis month, we meet Melvin Vargas, Endpoint Administrator. While Melvin only joined Clark about 6 months ago, he’ll be a familiar face to the students, staff and faculty in the Becker School of Design and Technology after joining the Clark team directly from Becker College after 15 years of service.

Prior to Clark and Becker, Melvin graduated from VOKE here in Worcester and has worked with telecommunications, hardware, networking and many other specializations in IT at various schools and colleges. While he’s modest about what he does, saying that he just “fixes computers”, Melvin knows that helping our clients can help make their day that much better.

When not tinkering with technology, Melvin spends time with his 2 beautiful daughters, plays Call of Duty and Forza Horizon, and laughs along with the FX show “What We Do In The Shadows”. Finally, we can’t finish this introduction without mentioning Pito, the beautiful cat in Melvin’s picture, who sadly died earlier this year at 20 years old. But supposedly Melvin’s new cat TJ is helping to fill his shoes!

Interested in requesting pictures of TJ from Melvin, or chatting about his favorite car to drive in Forza? Click here for contact information.

Get to Know Us: Dorothy Erickson

This month, we meet Dorothy Erickson, our new Academic Technology Associate.

Dorothy is a Worcester-area native, and after a stint in New York City, moved back for a “brief” period and 25 years later (luckily for us) is still here! After working for a pharmaceutical consulting company, and having kids, Dorothy got her MFA in creative writing and started teaching as an adjunct. For the last four years, she has worked as an Academic Technologist, most recently at Anna Maria, “supporting faculty do what they do best.”

At Clark, Dorothy is a primary liaison for faculty teaching in the School of Professional Studies, Economics, Education, Geography and Language, Literature and Culture. She’s excited to have conversations with faculty about their pedagogical challenges and successes, and states, “I always learn so much, and I think it’s helpful for faculty to know they’re not alone.”

True to her creative writing roots, Dorothy loves to write fiction and read. This year she has particularly enjoyed reading Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad and Carmen Maria Machado’s Her Body and Other Parties. Finally, she can’t spend enough time with her two daughters, either enjoying the outdoors, or curled up inside binging on The Americans.

Interested in learning more about Dorothy’s writing, or super-star Academic Technology skills? Click here for her contact information.

Get to know us: Alexander Magid

This month, we meet Alexander Magid, Clark’s Information Privacy and Compliance Analyst. “What’s that?” you might ask! Well, Alexander will help ITS write and implement policies to protect your data, while also keeping Clark compliant with data privacy, storage and documentation laws. He’s excited to talk to departments across campus about data privacy and help solve the new challenges faced due to the constantly evolving, fast-paced field of cybersecurity.

When Alexander joined the Clark community in May 2021, he became one of ITS’s first fully-remote staff members, living and working in the Greater Philadelphia area. He joins us with a professional certification in Cybersecurity, an MA in Law and a BA in Political Science. Alexander also works as a part-time staff editor for the Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare where he edits and peer reviews professional publications. When he’s not thinking about cybersecurity, he likes to spend time with his dog Cooper, go to car shows and watch The Big Bang Theory.