By the Numbers

In Case You Missed It: ITS Survey Results

As distributed last week by Joe Kalinowski, CIO and VP for Information Technology.

In March of this year ITS performed a campus-wide satisfaction survey. Over 1,200 faculty, staff, and students participated answering a variety of questions about dozens of different services ITS provides, including classroom technology, networking, support and training, and much more. Thank you for a great response and sharing your thoughts with us. Over the fall ITS has reviewed and analyzed the data provided by you and comparison data from other institutions. We’re proud of many of the results and opinions shared, with some of the highlights below.

  • Strong Support: Community members overwhelmingly consider our service staff (Help Desk, ATS and AIS) friendly, knowledgeable, reliable, and responsive.
  • High Service Satisfaction: Satisfaction with ITS services is highly rated with 98% of services having at least an 80% satisfaction rating (mostly and fully satisfied).

Your feedback has also helped shape our priorities, including:

  • Computer Replacements: Investing additional attention and new technology to fully recover from the pandemic and supply chain issues to refresh campus computing hardware.
  • Classroom Technology: Starting in summer 2023, all scheduled classroom renovations will retire the OWL cameras and add improved audio and video capabilities.
  • Ease of Logging into Systems: We will continue to transition all eligible services to Single Sign-On and investigate easier methods of password resets.
  • Moodle: Starting next semester, Moodle will be replaced with Canvas.
  • Wireless Access and Performance: Continue a two-year project of comprehensive upgrades, evaluation of outdoor coverage, and identify improved reporting mechanisms for issues.

Thank you all again for taking the time to complete the survey and giving us this valuable information that we will use to inform our services, support, and practices over the coming years.

While we plan to perform the survey again in Spring 2024 to help benchmark our progress, please know that we’re always eager for feedback so don’t hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk (, 508-793-7745) or an ITS staff member with questions, concerns, suggestions, or compliments.

The Fall (So Far): In Numbers

Even more than previous years, this Fall brought a flurry of activity to all areas of ITS, with new students and faculty arriving on campus, connecting remotely, and using new and exciting technology. We wanted to share some interesting numbers that illustrates some of this activity.

Clark and Academic Continuity: The Numbers

In the last two weeks, we have transformed much of how we teach, learn, and work. We wanted to share some interesting numbers around how our community has made this change.

During the week of March 23rd, the Clark Community…

  • Participated in over 2,600 unique online meetings totaling over 13,500 person-hours (a two hour meeting with five people would be 10 person-hours)
  • Read over 20% more email than an average spring semester week
  • Increased the utilization of Moodle over 50%
  • Added over 500 videos to Panopto and viewed almost 2,000 hours of video
  • Increased the utilization of our VPN over 600% across 400 unique daily users

Across the globe, we’ve seen Zoom grow from 10 million daily meeting participants in December to over 200 million today. Microsoft Teams saw in a growth rate of over 500% worldwide virtually overnight.

Finally, all of us in ITS would like to thank you for your continued focus on information security, as well as your patience and willingness to adapt to new processes and technology in this unprecedented time. Our rapid adoption of products like Zoom and Teams, as well as adapting how we all learn, teach, and work was only possible with our shared commitment to doing whatever was needed to make it happen.

We have not only adapted to our world today, but we’re learning new things we’ll carry forward well after the history of COVID-19 is written.

How Much Data is Flowing at Clark?

Most of us rely heavily on Clark’s connection to the Internet to accomplish our daily activities. But just how much data is flowing over this connection?

Below are a few insights into the information flowing across our wires and through the air on campus.

On an average day during the semester:

  • Clark transmits over 20TB of data to/from the Internet. That’s about 7,000 hours of high definition Netflix video.
  • Over 40% of all wireless traffic on campus is to Netflix or Youtube.
  • There are over 4,000 unique wireless devices on our network, and over 10,000 total devices.
  • We send/receive over 160,000 emails messages; over 60,000 of these are from known malicious senders and never make it to your inbox.