April 2021

An Update on Multi-Factor Authentication

In the last month over 4000 Clarkies have set-up and begun to use Multi-Factor Authentication and ITS would like to say Thank You!

Multi-Factor Authentication will provide Clark and our individual community members a higher level of security for their personal and institutional data, and will make our efforts to reduce cyber-threats more effective and efficient.

Over the last few weeks while supporting students, staff and faculty with Multi-Factor Authentication, we got some great questions. We’ve added the answers to our Multi-Factor Authentication webpage but wanted to cover some of the most frequently asked here.

If you still have questions about Multi-Factor Authentication, or are having issues accessing your email, please reach out to the Help Desk for support at 508-793-7745 or helpdesk@clarku.edu.

How often will I have to use Multi-Factor Authentication to access my account?

You will need to authenticate the first time you use a new device (computer, laptop, phone, tablet, etc.), or browser to access protected systems.

After the initial authentication on a device, you may be asked to reauthenticate again usually after a number of weeks. ITS will calibrate the timing of reauthentication requests to best balance security needs and your convenience.

Do I need Multi-Factor Authentication for Moodle? VPN? CUWeb?

Currently, you will only be required to use Multi-Factor Authentication to access Clark email and Office 365. However, ITS is adding MFA security to important Clark applications over the coming semesters including Moodle, VPN, CUWeb and Banner. We’ll be sure to let everyone know when we add new systems to Multi-Factor Authentication.

My mail app isn’t displaying new mail after setting up Multi-Factor Authentication. What do I do?

If after setting-up Multi-Factor Authentication, you find that your email app isn’t displaying new emails, you may need to remove and re-add your Clark account to your app in order for it to sync correctly.  Your phone manufacturer, or app developer should have instructions on how to do so, or you can contact the Help Desk if you need further assistance.  Using the Microsoft Outlook app on mobile devices helps provide a consistent experience between your devices.

How do I edit my factors?

You may need to do this if you buy or sell your smartphone, change your phone number, or just want to manage your factors. To see or edit your factors, you can visit the Multi-Factor Authentication webpage on the Clark website and choose “Edit my Factors” on the right.

What do I do if I lose my phone?

When using Multi-Factor Authentication, your smartphone becomes an important step in gaining access to your account. If you lose your device, please reach out to the Help Desk at 508 793 7745 or helpdesk@clarku.edu so we can verify your identity and get you back into your account as quickly as possible.


FindTime: A New Scheduling Tool in Outlook

Many users of Doodle – the online scheduling tool – were disappointed last year when they introduced a new pricing model. If you’re looking for a new scheduler, consider FindTime – available now for free and as part of your Clark University Outlook.

FindTime allows you to create a meeting poll to ask attendees to select times they’re available and works for meeting-goers that are both inside and outside the Clark community. Propose multiple possible times to all attendees and allow everyone to vote. When the group reaches a consensus, FindTime sends out the meeting invite on your behalf, eliminating the time-consuming back-and-forth usually required to find the best meeting time.

FindTime is available in your Clark University Outlook now, both online and on your desktop. Click here for a short video on how to use FindTime in LinkedIn Learning


On your Desktop:


Ace Your Presentations

If you have to give a presentation this semester, consider using PowerPoint’s Presentation Coach, available in PowerPoint 365 (online only) at https://www.office.com/launch/powerpoint.

The Presentation Coach allows you to practice your presentation, while PowerPoint monitors and analyzes your speech. During practice, the Coach will give you tips on pacing, word choice, projection and verbal crutches (like ‘um’s and ‘ah’s). Once your practice is complete, it will provide you with a detailed report on your performance.

Click here for to learn more about the PowerPoint Presentation Coach

Get to Know Us: Michael Benedetti

This month, we meet a new face to ITS – Michael Benedetti, our Senior Endpoint Administrator.

Michael started at Clark in November 2020 and has quickly become an important part of our Endpoint team, supporting devices across campus, or as Michael modestly puts it “I help with computers to make sure they work the way their owners want them to work.” Working with Michael, it was clear immediately that he’s a person who loves to learn and his favorite part of the job so far is that working with Clark faculty, staff and students has already taught him so much – and there’s more on the horizon. One thing he wishes he got asked more often is about data security and how users can protect their – and Clark’s – data.

Michael is Massachusetts born and bred, and originally from Palmer, a small town in western Massachusetts. He got an early interest in computers when a high-school teacher saw some potential and let him get his hands on the brand-new school computer, a PDP-8 minicomputer with spinning tapes and flashing lights. From that point on he was hooked, and has worked with computers for his whole career.

PDP-8 Minicomputer

Outside work, Michael is a cat-lover and while currently has 3 cats, has had 8 or more rescued kittens in the past. Recently he’s dabbled in Disc Golf, is interested in getting back to playing his baby grand piano and is reliving the 90’s by rewatching Babylon 5 with his wife.

Interested in talking to Michael about your computer needs, how to secure your data or how to herd cats? Visit the ITS Contact Us page for more information.