Add your D&I Digital Badge to your LinkedIn Profile

1. Locate the email that you received from Badgr with details about the Badge

2. Click on the image of the badge in the email. It will be similar to the image below.

3. Copy the URL that you’re routed to

  • Example: [followed by 20 letters and digits]

4. Visit and log in to

5. Click the Me option in the top menu bar

6. Click View Profile

7. Click Add Profile Section

8. Under Recommended, click on Licenses and Certifications

9. Enter the following information:

  • Name: Clark University’s Diversity and Inclusion Certificate
  • Issuing Organization: Clark University (choose from the drop down menu)
  • This credential does not expire: Check
  • Issue Date: Current month, current year
  • Credential ID: Leave Blank
  • Credential URL: Paste the URL from Step 3

10. Click Save