Get to Know Us: Michael Benedetti

This month, we meet a new face to ITS – Michael Benedetti, our Senior Endpoint Administrator.

Michael started at Clark in November 2020 and has quickly become an important part of our Endpoint team, supporting devices across campus, or as Michael modestly puts it “I help with computers to make sure they work the way their owners want them to work.” Working with Michael, it was clear immediately that he’s a person who loves to learn and his favorite part of the job so far is that working with Clark faculty, staff and students has already taught him so much – and there’s more on the horizon. One thing he wishes he got asked more often is about data security and how users can protect their – and Clark’s – data.

Michael is Massachusetts born and bred, and originally from Palmer, a small town in western Massachusetts. He got an early interest in computers when a high-school teacher saw some potential and let him get his hands on the brand-new school computer, a PDP-8 minicomputer with spinning tapes and flashing lights. From that point on he was hooked, and has worked with computers for his whole career.

PDP-8 Minicomputer

Outside work, Michael is a cat-lover and while currently has 3 cats, has had 8 or more rescued kittens in the past. Recently he’s dabbled in Disc Golf, is interested in getting back to playing his baby grand piano and is reliving the 90’s by rewatching Babylon 5 with his wife.

Interested in talking to Michael about your computer needs, how to secure your data or how to herd cats? Visit the ITS Contact Us page for more information.