Countdown to Cybersecurity Month: Spyware

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October is National Cybersecurity month, a time to raise awareness about the importance of Cybersecurity, and how to stay safe while online.

Clark’s ITS professionals take the campus’s cybersecurity very seriously. In fact, in a single 24 hours period in mid-September, our security systems blocked over 90,000 threats presented by spyware. Spyware is malicious software that will infiltrate your computer (and Clark’s system) and report back passwords, financial information and internet usage. It can also slow down your computer and spam you with ads.

While ITS systems are keeping threats from Spyware at bay, you can provide the best layer of defense when you take your online security seriously – both on and off campus. As a community member, your Clark computer is protected by ITS, but you also have free access to Sophos, an anti-virus product that also includes Spyware Protection (Click here to learn more about Sophos.)

Click here to read a 5 minute article about spyware and other ways you can avoid the threats it presents.