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Where Are the Men? Counselor Symposium to examine gender gap

By Jane Salerno

Dozens of college advisers and guidance counselors from around the country will convene with a panel of distinguished academics and professionals for the Third Annual Counselor Symposium at Clark University, titled “Where Are the Men?” The symposium, on Sunday March 23 and Monday March 24, will focus on the growing gender gap between young... »

Clark University Mock Trial team wins bid to national tournament

By Melissa Lynch

One of Clark University’s two Mock Trial teams is moving on to the national tournament, earning its bid during the regional Intercollegiate Mock Trial Tournament held Jan. 31 – Feb. 2 at St. Anselm’s College in Manchester, N.H. The veteran “A team” will compete in the national event in Philadelphia in March. Clark entered... »

Clark University scientist challenges government on carbon capture and storage subsidies

By Melissa Lynch

  Jennie Stephens, associate professor of environmental science and policy at Clark University, has published an opinion piece recommending that the resources devoted to reducing carbon emissions be redirected to finding alternatives to fossil fuels. In the Dec. 20, 2013, piece, which was published in the prestigious international journal Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change... »

Clark University prof. publishes collection of essays about beauty

By Melissa Lynch

Beauty matters. It defines identity and causes controversy. A volume of essays about how beauty has done so over the course of the twentieth century—all across the world—has recently been released by Thomas Kuehne, Clark University professor of history and Strassler Family Chair in the Study of Holocaust History, and Hartmut Berghoff, director of... »

NASA-funded climate change study focus of meeting at Clark

By Melissa Lynch

  Christopher Williams, assistant professor of geography, welcomed a group of distinguished colleagues to a Nov. 22 project meeting at Clark University, where they continued to develop methods for more accurately measuring climate change. Williams and his fellow team members, whom he describes as “leaders in the field of remote sensing,” are in their... »

What's 'getting primaried'? Clark University prof's new book explains

By Jane Salerno

  Primary challenges in recent election cycles have attracted more media hype than ever, with special interest groups and intense partisan fundraising campaigns polarizing voters and taking aim at moderate incumbents – a practice known as “primarying.” Yet, according to Robert G. Boatwright, professor of political science at Clark University, the link between primary... »

Betsy Huang leads Clark University Office of Diversity and Inclusion

By Melissa Lynch

Last September, Clark University’s Higgins School of Humanities was awarded a $600,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation following a complex, sometimes grueling application process successfully executed by a team of faculty and staff. Associate Professor of English Betsy Huang spent over a year on the project, and was excited about turning her... »

LEEP Lectures let faculty collaborate across disciplines, provide unique perspectives

By Melissa Lynch

What are the chances you would see a psychologist giving a presentation in a political science class?  Beginning this fall, such an appearance would not be unlikely.  In the past few months, some unlikely disciplines have collided through a tactic known as the “LEEP Lecture.” LEEP Lectures involve collaborations between faculty members from distinct... »

Clark University professors lead discussion on war with Syria

By Jane Salerno

Five Clark University professors came together on Sept. 11 to present a timely panel discussion on the events unfolding in the Middle East, titled “The Coming War on Syria and the Implications for Peace and Stability in the Middle East,” sharing their unique scholarly perspectives and insights with a mostly-student audience that crowded the... »

Clark University begins first academic LEEP year

By Angela Bazydlo

Clark University greets every new academic year with excitement and news about changes on campus. This fall, students, faculty and the entire campus community formally set out under the banner of LEEP (Liberal Education and Effective Practice), Clark’s pioneering model for higher education. LEEP builds upon the historic and distinctive strengths of Clark and... »