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Clark psychology researcher receives $100K from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Nicole Overstreet, assistant professor
of psychology at Clark University

 Grant will support Nicole M. Overstreet, Ph.D., in examining the needs of those affected by intimate partner violence The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), the nation’s leading philanthropy in health and health care, has awarded Nicole M. Overstreet, assistant professor of psychology at Clark University, a 24-month grant through the New Connections program. Overstreet is…

Clark U biologist’s research contributes to understanding of fungal-plant symbiosis

Clark University Professor of biology David Hibbett

Clark University Professor David Hibbett, in collaboration with the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) and the U.S. Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute (DOE JGI), is working to understand the genetic basis of how plants and fungi grow and function together, which may provide clues to how these symbiotic relationships help plants survive in changing environments. Hibbett is a…

Clark’s Higgins School of Humanities’ spring 2015 dialogue symposium focuses on ‘play’

Students will translate the essence of the late Sol LeWitt's playful wisdom in the Higgins Lounge at Dana Commons this semester

This semester, the Clark University Higgins School of Humanities‘ dialogue symposium is focusing on “The Work of Play” and how play thrives in our achievement and results-oriented society. We will consider free play and games, cooperation and competition, sports and technology. Programming will explore how play provide space for fantasy, diversion, and escape.  It will also examine…

Clark U. Prof.’s ‘Marriage Checkup’ helps couples improve intimacy, marital satisfaction

Psychology Professor James Córdova

Clark University Professor of Psychology James V. Córdova and the researchers at Clark University’s Center for Couples and Family Research, have determined that the Marriage Checkup, an innovative, two-session relationship health checkup designed by Professor Córdova, and described in a book by the same name, is effective at helping couples increase relationship health and happiness.…

Major funders support George Perkins Marsh Institute research on coastal risks and climate-change adaptation

Flooding occurred in Waterford, Connecticut during Hurricane Sandy, October 2012.  (Maureen Fitzgerald/Town of Waterford,CT)

The vulnerability of coastal communities is gaining urgent attention in the face of climate change and devastating weather-related flooding and erosion. Clark University Professor of Economics Robert Johnston, director of the George Perkins Marsh Institute at Clark University, is leading vital research into the environmental and economic impacts of coastal hazards and adaptation along Northeast shores. Johnston’s research assesses the…