Clark Theatre Arts students honored at 2018 Kennedy Center Regional Conference

Two Clark Theatre students won honors at this year’s Kennedy Center Regional Conference in Danbury, Conn.

Jaime Sullivan ’19 (left) with Jess Darrell

Jaime Silverman ’19 won the KCACTF Award for Honorable Mention in Costume Design and The USITT NE Design and Technologies Meritorious Award. (this second one comes with a trip to the national conference in Fort Lauderdale). Jaime won for her costume design on “The Little Mermaid.” She was mentored by Clark Costume Goddess Jess Darrell.

Liam Day ’19 with Kevin McGerigle

Also, Liam Day ’19 won the Vectorworks Award in design, technology and management and the Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas “Don Childs Award” for Excellence in Lighting, which comes with a free week of training at the Stage Craft Institute of Las Vegas. Liam won for his lighting design on “The Little Mermaid” and was mentored by Tech Director Kevin McGerigle.

Each year, Clark’s Theatre Arts Program takes a field trip to the Kennedy Center Conference. It’s a great chance for students to take workshops, see shows, and meet students and faculty from other theatre programs.