Welcome back, green Clarkies: Learn how to minimize your environmental impact while here at Clark

A warm welcome to everyone at Clark!

Whether you’re returning for another semester or embarking on a new chapter here at Clark, we could all use a refresher on how to minimize our environmental impact (especially as we all settle into our new places). Here at Clark, we have several ways everyone can get involved.

Shop at the Community Thrift Store on Main Street for stellar back-to-school finds at a fraction of the cost! Check the store’s Facebook page to find coupons, sales, and special offers throughout the year.

Looking to reduce your trash? Clark recycles… A LOT! We can recycle ALL paper and cardboard, ALL plastics, metals, and glass, and e-waste like batteries and electronics. If you can, please wash off your plastics and glass before, but we can still recycle the material even if you don’t.

We can’t recycle wet/greasy papers, plastic film, chip bags, candy wrappers, or food — but we can COMPOST them! Composting bins can be found on campus in the Academic Commons and the University Center, and are clearly labeled. Click here for our composting guidelines.

The rest? Recycle it! Click here for our Recycling Guidelines

Looking for other ways to save energy and go green while on campus and at home? Use these guides to get started! Every little bit counts.

To learn more about what Clark’s sustainability initiatives are, visit Sustainable Clark.

Your Sustainable Clark contacts:

  • Jenny Isler, MBA
    Director of Sustainability, Clark University
  • Elizabeth Kubacki
    Graduate Assistant, Sustainable Clark; MBA/M.S. Environmental Science & Policy ’18