March 16: ClarkArts presents closing reception for JUMP-DEVOLVE-WHISPER

  • March 16 at 9:30 p.m.
  • Schiltkamp Gallery, Traina Center for the Arts

“Jump–Devolve–Whisper” is a collaborative exhibition featuring large- and small-scale new films by Professor Stephen DiRado and new sound compositions by Dean of the College Matt Malsky. A closing reception in the Schiltkamp Gallery will feature a participatory concert with laptop computers. Join us on March 16 for light refreshments and music-making!

Stephen DiRado and Matthew Malsky are internationally known artists with decades of experience. DiRado is renowned for his long-term documentary photographs and whimsical short films; learn more here. Malsky’s compositions are cutting-edge, integrating electronics within live performances; learn more here.

This is a first-time collaboration between two artists who have long yearned to work together. The results are a gallery filled with provocative, experimental installations that challenge and entertain. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, installations will be modified or changed.