Prof. Gino DiIorio’s ‘Darwin at Down’ to be read at Kennedy Center new play festival

Professor Gino DiIorio’s Play Darwin at Down will be read at the Kennedy Center as part of the 13th annual Page-to-Stage New Play Festival, on Monday, Sept. 1 at 1 p.m.

The play will be produced by Tonic Theatre company with Kurt Elftmann playing Charles Darwin.

Synopsis: In 1849, Charles Darwin is in a race against time. Over the objections of his wife, Emma, he has begun writing his book, “On the Origin of Species.” Charles knows that other scientists are working to publish similar theories and that his work will change scientific inquiry forever. Emma fears that God will smite them for challenging belief in the creation. When Annie, Darwin’s young daughter, suddenly contracts a serious illness but Charles continues his work, the rift between Emma and Charles grows. Will their marriage crumble? What is the nature of his daughter’s illness? Is this all God’s punishment or simply the natural order of things?

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