Recycling Crew on Break til June 2

First off, thank YOU for doing so much recycling this year! The Recycling Crew is proud to announce that Clark attained a 50% diversion rate and a 31% recycling rate as of April 2014. That is impressive – it means that by weight, half of what we ‘throw away’ is diverted from landfill, and almost one-third of that is recycled items!

Now the less-good news. The student Recycling Crew will not be operating from May 7 until June 2, when our new summer Recycling Crew takes over. Clark’s custodial team will do their best in the interim to keep up with the recycling, so please don’t do anything different than you usually do (which of course is recycling all clean paper, cardboard; anything made of metal, glass or plastic #1 – #7 – including styrofoam).

Thank you and a BIG THANKS to the awesome Recycling Crew of 2013-2014!!RecycSymbol