Hattis publication chosen as Paper of the Year

Dale Hattis‘ coauthored paper “Addressing Human Variability in Next-Generation Human Health Risk Assessments of Environmental Chemicals,” has been selected as Paper of the Year by the Society of Toxicology Occupational & Public Health Specialty Section. The paper was published in the January 2013 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives.

Hattis, research professor at the George Perkins Marsh Institute, works to bridge the gap between experimental scientists and statistical researchers by representing the causal mechanisms likely to lead to biological damage of interest to policy makers. The principal foci of his past work are the use of various biomarkers and physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models to improve risk assessment for carcinogens; quantitative treatment of inter-individual variability in susceptibility for a wide variety of non-cancer effects; and the use of Monte Carlo simulations to represent the combined effects of multiple sources of uncertainty and variability.