Recyling in action: OneCard office recycles I.D. cards into guitar picks

Lo and behold, Clark is always finding creative ways to recycle just about everything! The Sustainability Office recently heard about the OneCard’s Office’s great recycling example: recycling old ID cards into guitar picks!

Paul Wykes, Business Manager, had the idea after he bought his son a guitar pick maker for Christmas in 2012. This past Christmas, someone else gave him one, so he had two. Paul thought it would be neat to make picks out of the Clark OneCards, so he asked his son if he could take one to work.

The office started making them just after this Winter Break, and they are available and free to anyone who wants one in the OneCard Office. When making picks out of the old cards they make sure not to include any names, pictures, or card numbers for privacy reasons. What started out as a fun idea to re-purpose ID cards has been reducing material being sent to be recycled.

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