Green IT @ Clark

Posted by Justin Brooks | Posted on Nov 22, 2013

In Information Technology Services (ITS), we strive to make the services we provide as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.  This year, ITS has reduced the number of servers we use to provide the same services and are purchasing computers with hardware that use less electricity and use that energy more efficiently.

In addition, this summer ITS purchased a used GEM brand electric low-speed-vehicle to increase the amount of equipment we can move on campus and get them to further locations more safely.

Many of you have probably seen the battery powered vehicle near Carlson Hall and Maywood Hall.  This car can run 30 – 45 miles on a single charge, can be plugged to any ordinary household outlet, and is road legal.  This car is another stride in ITS’ continuous effort to be conscious of the environment and having a sustainable vision of the future.

GEM outside Bickman Fitness Center

GEM outside Bickman Fitness Center