Next week is Food Week

So many events, so little time! Next week at Clark the student group Food Truth will be hosting various events on campus. Food Truth is a student group focused on raising food consciousness by exploring the social, political, ethical, environmental, and health impacts and implications of what we eat. By sponsoring potluck dinners, speakers, events, and field trips, Food Truth encourages dialogue and activism around food issues. The group is Clark’s student representation of Real Food Challenge on campus.   The student group works with Clark dining services to promote positive changes in food served in the dining hall. Last Spring, Clark signed signed on to committing purchasing 20% ‘real food’ – what we define as Local, Fair, Humane, & Ecologically Sound – by 2020. You can read more about this exciting new commitment here.  The events for Food Week here at Clark include:

  • Visit to REC Farmer’s Market: Saturday, October 19th, Noon: Meet Red Square at Noon to walk to the Farmer’s Market as a group.
  • Kitchen Tours: Monday, October 21st, 4:00pm and 6:00pm: Come on a tour of the Cafeteria kitchens to see where all of the action happens and how food in the cafeteria is made. There will be two tours; one at 4:00pm, and one at 6:00pm.  Meet outside of Higgins 15 minutes prior to reserve spot – These tours are first come first serve.
  • Cooking Workshop: Monday, October 21st cooking workshop with SAVVY: Come to a cooking workshop with the campus group Student Alliance of Vegan and Vegetarian Youth (SAVVY) in Maywood Hall,  1st floor kitchen.
  • Food Day Party: Thursday, October 24th from 7:00am-9:00pm: Come to the Higgins Cafeteria  to participate in the food day party! Eco-Reps will be weighing uneaten food to measure how much food is being wasted, and you can also support local farms and shops by buying local produce, provided by the Local Root.

Additionally, Worcester State University is having its 6th Annual Sustainability/Food Day Fair next week! On Wednesday, October 23rd, there will be six teach-in sessions provided by various faculty, staff, students, and community members on Climate Change. There will also be 4 teach-in session on Thursday, October 24th, about Sustainable and  Healthy Food for All. For more information visit Worcester State’s Sustainability/Food Fair Website. 

For more information on sustainability tips or events happening on campus and around Worcester, please visit the Sustainable Clark’s website: Stay green and enjoy those beautiful leaves!