Did you know…? Check out new sustainability initiatives on campus

As recently featured in the Scarlet, the Sustainability Office and various student groups are very active on campus, and continue to find ways to make the Clark Campus more sustainable. Two new projects are extremely needed and useful, which are the composting program in the dorms, and the re-usable Green2Go container in the Bistro.

Clark’s waste diversion rate has been increasing in recent years, but one component of waste was always such a large part of what was being thrown away: food products and compostable matter.  While the Higgins cafeteria already composts all left overs, some members of the student club EcoReps decided to extend the program to the residence halls. Funded by the Student Sustainability Fund (SSF) the composting program began with a pilot project in Maywood Hall last year, and this year the program has become more permanent.  For now, compost bins  are in all kitchens and hallways in Johnson-Sanford, Dodd, and Wright. (Check out the guidelines on what can and cannot be composted here.)

Additionally, Dining Services is offering Green2Go containers in the Bistro. As described by the Scarlet: “In exchange for five dollars, Clarkies receive a Green Tag (a keychain of sorts) that grants them access to a reusable plastic container. Any food ordered in the Bistro goes in that container instead of in the typical cardboard or corn-ware one. Dining Services will clean dirty Green2Go containers, and they will even hold onto them for Green Tag holders if asked. That the Green Tag and container can be returned for a refund of the original five dollars is a testament to the University’s dedication to providing feasible sustainable options for Clarkies.”

These programs are just a glimpse of the great work happening on campus. They are also an example of not only the Sustainability Office’s work, but of the dedication of students and faculty to make a difference on campus, and be a leader making our institution more sustainable.

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