Sustainability Day in Hardwick – “Faith and the Environment: Prayer and Action” – this Saturday

On Saturday, October 5th, there is an exciting opportunity to engage in an annual celebration of St. Francis, in the community of Agape. Agape is a sustainable community about 30 minutes from Clark, with an annual festival on nonviolence and sustainability. The community resides on 34 acres of land in the Quabbin Reservoir. Two main buildings in the community are completely sola,r and one of the buildings is a straw bale house with compost toilet.  The community grows their own food, and they drive a “grease”  car, which uses vegetable oil from a local restaurant. The celebration will include tours of agape’s solar projects, straw bale house, compost toilet, grease car, and organic garden. Join the community and others for a celebration of nonviolence and sustainability, and to learn more about the community.

Event Details:

Agape Community 31st Anniversary

Annual St. Francis Day celebration 

“Faith and the Environment: Prayer and Action 

October 5th 2013, 10 am- 4pm

Hardwick, MA. (near Amherst, Noho, Worcester, Springfield…see website)

Please bring your own lunch and dinner; only refreshments will be served.

Speakers will include: 

Roger S. Gottlieb–professor of philosophy at Worcester Polytechnic Institute; author/editor of numerous books and articles on environmental ethics, religious environmentalism, and contemporary spirituality. His most recent books–Engaging Voices: Tales of Meaning and Morality in an Age of Global Warming and Spirituality: What it is and Why it Matters received Nautilus Book Awards.

Sister Bernadette Bostwick, co-founder with Sr Gail Worcelo and the late Fr Thomas Berry of Green Mountain Monastery in Greensboro, Vermont, whose mission is to live in the consciousness of a “Single Sacred Community of Life.”

Tom Cornell Jr,  lifetime Catholic Worker and gardener, homesteader at Peter Maurin Farm, an affiliate of the New York Catholic Worker, whose articles on gardening appear frequently in the Catholic Worker newspapers.

Shea Reister, 24,  recently arrested for peaceful civil disobedience action against the Keystone XL pipeline, works for the Better Future Project and, and the student fossil fuel divestment movement as well as an organizer of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Youth Climate Change Activist Panel— students from area colleges will speak out on current climate crisis.

For more information please contact: Email: peace@agapecommunity.orgPhone: 413-967-9369 Website: