Clark’s greenhouse gas emissions at lowest level ever in 2012

Slide1Clark’s 2012 greenhouse gas emissions were the lowest ever recorded since our baseline inventory year of 2005!

Every year, Clark tracks and reports Kyoto Protocol emissions from our electricity use, heating and cooling, transportation and fugitive refrigerants. In 2012, greenhouse gas emissions, as measured in carbon dioxide equivalents, were 13,469 tonnes of CO2 — 12 percent below our 2011 emissions and 6 percent below our 2010 emissions.

What do we attribute the decrease in emissions to? The recent energy efficiency upgrades to lighting and building operating systems, server and equipment upgrades, and using less heat during last year’s mild winter.

What will we attribute next year’s decrease to, now that most of the technological stuff is done? The strong and sustained effort by all of us at Clark to turn off lights, power down or unplug all equipment and appliances, lower the thermostat a few degrees, and make a personal difference in Clark’s greenhouse gas emissions as we reach for our Climate Action Plan goal of zero by 2030!

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