It’s time to power down for Spring Break

Attention staff, faculty, admin, students and everyone else heading off campus for Spring Break! Please help Clark conserve energy and costs –  unplug & power down!

The Clark Eco Reps will lead a hall vs. hall challenge to see which residence hall can reduce energy use the most. Faculty and staff, if you are not going to be in the office very often or at all next week, why not follow their example to unplug & power down:

  • Unplug appliances (coffee pots, microwaves, pencil sharpeners, etc.)
  • Unplug peripherals & equipment (printers, scanners, copiers, chargers, scales, tools)
  • Follow ITS recommendations for computers
  • Turn off lights, shut window shades, turn the temperature down to 58 and close all doors

Phantom loads (anything with a digital readout or a charger box) account for up to 7 percent of electrical use while they are just sitting there! Shutting doors and window shades, and turning down the heat, will save Clark even more — up to 25 percent of thermal energy.

For more information & tips to reduce energy, please visit Sustainable Clark online. Thank you for helping to get Clark closer to its Climate Action Plan Goals, and have a wonderful Spring Break!