Clark’s recycling rate goes up, and waste goes down! Can we keep it up in 2013?

Clark had a remarkable recycling increase in 2011 versus 2010. So how did we do in 2012? Could we match the record of 2011?

Well, BOOM! Clark’s 2012 recycling rate shows a solid upward trend, semester by semester, year after year: we recycled 10 percent more in 2012. The combination of your strong effort + new bins (thanks to student funds) + campuswide awareness + dedication of the Recycling Crew and the Eco Reps adds up to keep Clark moving in the right direction — we now recycle 30 percent of all our waste! The goal for 2013 is 33 percent, not because we like 3s, but because that is the U.S. average. OF COURSE we can do that!

Our diversion rate also increased in 2012, to 48 percent of all waste (diversion includes compost, donations, and electronics). Best of all — Clark’s waste actually decreased by almost 50 tons.  Year after year we send less to the landfill! Click here for info on what to Reduce – Reuse – Recycle and keep it up, Clark!